Ashley Snyder – Canastota, NY

Ashley Snyder – Canastota, NY

February 1, 2018


Ashley Snyder lives in upstate New York with her rescued hen, Asa!

Ashley says, “I currently have one rescued house chicken named Asa. I rescued Asa from an animal cruelty case and the owner surrendered her to me. I had a dream of one day rescuing farmed animals and while working as a caregiver for a large farmed animal sanctuary I fell in love with chickens. After rescuing Asa, I knew that rescuing and caring for more chickens is what I want to continue to do. A sanctuary is a place where one can feel safe, whether you have one chicken, three or 20. To each individual that you have rescued, a home where they don’t have to feel any fear, are getting the love that they deserve, free of exploitation, and vet care that they need, is their sanctuary. You don’t have to have 300 rescues to be considered as a sanctuary. Even if you only have one rescued house chicken, having a safe place to call home is just as important to this one individual. That is what a microsanctuary means to me.”

Ashley is the recipient of a Hen Reproductive Healthcare Fund grant!