Beyond the Horizon – Swansea, SC

Beyond the Horizon – Swansea, SC

January 17, 2018


Beyond the Horizon is located on 5 acres near Columbia, South Carolina. In the fall of 2016, this microsanctuary became home for former backyard chickens and three retired industrial layers. Three chickens rescued from Kaporos, Bevie, Faith and Liam, joined the flock in the fall of 2017.

Also living at the microsanctuary are two rescued guinea pigs named Jerry and Frederick in addition to two canine rescues, Sammie and Jasper. A pen is ready and waiting for two pig fosters arriving in January of 2018.


We believe rescuing farm animals can play an important role in one’s personal growth as a vegan, to get to know the individuals and be an integral part of their new life. Beyond the Horizon is a place of refuge from neglect or exploitation, but it is nonetheless a place where animals and their stories can encourage people to expand their perspectives and “horizons” too. We are very grateful for the support of The Microsanctuary Movement in this endeavor!

Beyond the Horizon is a recipient of a Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grant!