Farmshire Animal Sanctuary – Clyde, NC

Farmshire Animal Sanctuary – Clyde, NC

August 23, 2017


Farmshire Animal Sanctuary is committed to rescuing farmed animals and educating people on the system of oppression that made their rescue necessary in the first place. It is unique in that it is an off-the-grid community run off solar power, with water fed from a spring. The majority of our structures are made with materials from our own land, as we are committed to not contributing to deforestation by purchasing imported wood that ruins the habitat of our wild animal friends. Our goal is to use a variety of natural building techniques to provide housing that is comfortable in weather extremes, and serve as a model for other sanctuaries looking to use resources they have at hand so that more financial resources can go into high quality daily and medical care.

We hope our small family of rescued animals help us to educate others on not only the horrors of large commercial farming, but also private backyard breeders and butchers that our so popular in our area of Western North Carolina.


Specializing in potbelly pigs, we also hope to bring awareness the “tea-cup myth” that leaves 90% of potbellies surrendered to animal shelters or sanctuaries by 1 year of age. Although we cant take in all of these unwanted animals, we help to coordinate adoptions through a network of rescuers in the area, and when possible offer support and guidance to keep the animal in the home.

As of Summer 2017, we are an incorporated organization and are in the process of obtaining of 501(c)3 status from the IRS. Our focus right now is ensuring that we are forming a sustainable rescue plan that will always provide high quality care to our residents.

Farmshire Animal Sanctuary is the recipient of a Microsanctuary Seed Grant!