Green Living Organic Farm – Ontario, Canada

Green Living Organic Farm – Ontario, Canada

October 4, 2017

Green Living Organic Farm (aka GLO Farm) is in the infancy of something great! Situated just over an hour outside of Toronto ON, GLO Farm is thoughtfully crafting the foundation of an eclectic business model that incorporates vegan education/outreach, food security and compassion for all through sanctuary.

Run by Faith and Ali Bisram, this small vegan homestead boasts nearly 2 acres of organic, heirloom, non-gmo fruits and vegetables that are grown with love from seed. Currently, the food is used to nourish our family and friends, including the animals. Eventually, we would like to have 25% donated to our local food bank. Faith is also a Horticultural Therapist and would eventually like to have the gardens open to community based therapy. Ali has ownership of the animal care. Currently, GLO Farm is home to 4 cows, 7 cats, 1 dog and the wildest animal of them all – a teenage girl.

Introducing Cocoa, Patricia, Bambi & Valentine – aka, The Girls:

Cocoa is 18, Bambi is 15, Valentine and Patricia are 12. The Girls came to us when the home that they had been in as beloved pets suffered misfortune. Their human dad passed away and their mom was unable to take care of the farm on her own. Bambi and Cocoa are sisters, and Patricia and Valentine are their respective daughters.

The cats and dog consist of 4 cats in the barn, 3 cats and the dog in the house. The barn cats all landed here through rescue, as did the house cats and dog.

Ali is currently working on transforming a camper into a coop where rescue chickens will be offered sanctuary. And once we win the lottery we have grand plans of rescuing ALL of the animals!

Green Living Organic Farm is the recipient of a Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grant!