Humanity For Animals – Gold Bar, WA

Humanity For Animals – Gold Bar, WA

March 27, 2017


Humanity For Animals was founded on the belief that all animals have the right to live their lives free from commodification and suffering at the hands of human beings. We aim to bring awareness to the plight of farmed animals currently trapped in our food production system and to encourage people to leave animals off their plates.

Our three program areas — Refuge, Outreach, Legislation — aim to end the exploitation of animals.

  1. Refuge: Our sanctuary is nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountains and cares for chickens rescued from the egg and “meat” industry. The animals that come to call our sanctuary “home” are treated as individuals with unique personalities, wants, and needs. Each animal that we care for receives individualized care and is respected as the unique person he or she is.
  2. Outreach: our Outreach efforts seek to bring awareness to the plight of animals used as food. Through targeted social media campaigns, leafletting, and popular events we are able to bring our message of compassion to thousands of people each year.
  3. Legislation: a critical aspect of the work we do, Humanity For Animals believes that no animal should be exploited or killed for food, clothing, entertainment or product testing. We recognize that animals are suffering in factory farms, labs, and zoos, and that these animals will never escape the system. It is our legislative approach that helps to relieve suffering for these animals.


Tami Seegrist McMinn | Co-Founder

Tami brings two decades of experience to the team at HFA. She believes that much of her early career in marketing and business development prepared her for the greatest role of her life – being a tireless voice for animals trapped in our food production system. A vegan for over thirteen years she is a committed animal activist and environmentalist. In her spare time Tami enjoys spending time with her husband and six dogs, or getting her hands dirty in the vegetable garden with her four rescued battery hens. Contact Tami.

Sarah Case | Co-Founder

Growing up, Sarah was the child that brought home injured birds and stray dogs – if an animal needed help she was there to save the day. A true natural around animals of all kinds and sizes she exudes confidence and a deep calm that is felt throughout the sanctuary. Her experience overseeing the direct care of over 200 animals at a large sanctuary in the US taught her much about the day to day operations of sanctuary life and how to care for rescued animals. For more than half her life, Sarah has been deeply committed to promoting a vegan lifestyle to combat the number one source of animal exploitation – animals killed for food. When she’s not caring for the animals, working on plans to improve the sanctuary, or writing animal related legislation, you can usually find her snuggling with her two dogs and cat, planting and harvesting produce in the garden, or working on her latest craft project. Contact Sarah.

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Humanity For Animals is the recipient of a Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grant!