Le Moulin Microsanctuary – France

Le Moulin Microsanctuary – France

January 21, 2018


Le Moulin Microsanctuary is a vegan abolitionist sanctuary in the heart of rural France. It provides sanctuary for many species of animals who were at risk from death, exploitation, an uncertain future or were living in poor living conditions. It was co-founded by us–Pablo Perez and Lucy Mizon–in 2015. Our personal experiences of growing up with animals and family who rescued animals throughout our childhoods and becoming vegan, to eventually realising our vocation to rescue and protect the exploited and educate on veganism led us to join forces and manifest our dream together. The sanctuary has been slowly evolving ever since and we are tirelessly motivated by the horrifying reality that billions of animals face in this world due to the commodification of sentient individuals and the speciesism and violence towards non-humans that pervades human society.

We began with 18 animals whom we had already rescued and have had between 30 and 40 residents over the last year. In the future we aim to acquire more land to enable us to provide a safe space for more individuals and eventually incorporate vegan education and advocacy into the sanctuary through visitor programs, workshops and residential opportunities. All of our sanctuary residents are treated as the individuals they are and attention is paid to their unique preferences. All are provided with the best quality diet and scrupulously clean environments. Everyone is protected from predators and we endeavour never to keep a social individual alone as we believe same species companionship is essential to emotional well-being. We also try to be as natural and sustainable as possible when it comes to the food and products we use. We face particular challenges in our location as we are surrounded by animal farming, and quality empathetic vet care is not easy to find which means long drives to veterinary specialists are frequently necessary.

We are almost entirely self-funded which can also be challenging but we are gradually improving our infrastructure to enable us to take in more needy souls. We are enthusiastic about the future and the growth of veganism and hope we can build a supportive network around France over time as more much-needed vegan sanctuaries are created.