Missy’s Legacy – Aspelt, Luxembourg

Missy’s Legacy – Aspelt, Luxembourg

September 9, 2017


Missy’s Legacy is a non-profit micro-sanctuary located in the south of the small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Being located in one of the countries with the highest meat consumption per capita, we are trying to change people’s view on one of the most abused and disregarded animals: the chicken.

The sanctuary is named in memory of a very special hen, Missy. Missy was an ex-caged layer who was rescued in April 2014. She was the first hen I developed an incredible bond with, the first hen to really show how special these beings are. She had so much personality and will to live. She would come on my lap and get cuddles until she fell asleep. For most of her life free she was haunted by health problems and braved them, all while being a super spoiled house hen. A few months after her rescue, our vet found various large lumps in her belly. Missy bravely survived her operation and the vet was able to sterilize her and also remove about 1/3 of her weight in infected egg material. The huge heartbreak to us all came a few months later when she died of an aggressive cancer. She enjoyed every minute of her freedom, even with all her illnesses, and was an inspiration to us all. This is what started my journey towards finding out the most I could about reproductive disorders in hens and helping these girls out as best as possible. Most hens never get a chance to see a vet, much less get hormonal implants or advanced operations.

Our sanctuary’s focus is to rescue spent caged layer hens, rehabilitate them (both physically and mentally), and offer them a permanent home. We have found that the most effective way of advocating for these amazing beings is to give them names, share their stories, share pictures of their quirky individual personalities, and show their journey to becoming free and happy creatures.


We started small with just 3 hens and now have 21 residents, including 4 roosters. These residents include: our pioneer and sanctuary matriarch Eleanor (rescued December 2013), who is now a bossy house hen; our outdoor wise lady Hazel (rescued April 2014); our Christmas miracle, Dolly (rescued December 2015), who is also a survivor of an extensive life-saving surgery; the bald sisters, June, Sophie, and Bald Warrior (rescued March 2016); the Easter babies, Engelbert, Figaro, Caruso, Hettie, Fleur, and Luna (adopted April 2016), who grew up at the sanctuary; the frosty girls, Maggie, Meryl, Miranda, Moon, and Mystik (rescued December 2016); and the school hatching babies, Cogsworth, Potts, Chip, and Plumette (adopted April 2017).

Our plan for the future is to expand the sanctuary by acquiring more land so we can take in more hens. Our goals are to keep rescuing hens and educate people about how special these animals are. By having people meet them and experience a touching exchange, they will start rethinking their food choices and beliefs.

Website: https://www.missyslegacy.lu/