Pigtopia – Tennessee

Pigtopia – Tennessee

January 2, 2017
Ellie, the girl who started it all...

Anna with Mulder.

From Anna Key:

My first pig, Ellie, was the catalyst that rocked my world and changed my entire mindset. I went from loving one and eating the other, to having compassion for all creatures. I saw her on a local ad one day, unwanted in her second home at 6 weeks old already. Without any forethought or planning, I brought Eleanor Pigby home, and quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. This scenario happens on a daily basis, and in the end the pigs pay the price for our ignorance. Although I made a commitment to her when I brought her home, and loved her so much, many people give up on their pigs. The widely accepted statistic is that 90% of pigs are re-homed before their first birthday. I saw that there are handfuls of dedicated, overworked, and amazing people helping pigs, educating those who don’t understand them, and making a difference. I knew then I wanted to do all I could to advocate for these stubborn, demanding, mischievous, misunderstood, devoted, and beautiful creatures.

Ellie, the pig who started it all...

Ellie, the pig who started it all…

We had Ellie almost a year before adding a second rescue, Luna, lovingly known as Chub Chub. From there, many rescues followed and we now have 8 potbellies, 2 big pigs, and 10 piglets from a mama rescued just in time from a backyard butcher. She never has to be scared again or at risk of being killed here at Pigtopia. All the precious piglets just got fixed, and mama is enjoying spending time with her best friend Sebastian now.


What I try to do is set a joyful, positive example of what being a compassionate vegan means. We’re all on a different part of our own journey, and I believe one day eating animals will be a thing of the past. I think education in a positive, uplifting manner is crucial to the general public’s perception of farmed animals. I love to talk to people about their qualities and plights, and hopefully by example show them a better way. I’ve been so thrilled to hear from people that follow our little stories tell me they no longer want to eat pork, want to learn more about veganism, or make any steps towards a compassionate lifestyle.

Pigtopia is the recipient of a Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grant!