Sky’s The Limit Sanctuary – Fox Island, WA

Sky’s The Limit Sanctuary – Fox Island, WA

March 10, 2017

From Sky’s The Limit:

Our mission here at Sky’s The Limit is to provide sanctuary for discarded and unwanted chickens. We currently sit on one and a half acres of land in the state of Washington. We are focusing on rescuing chickens because the need is great and we want to maximize the number of lives we can save with the current land we own. In the future, we hope to expand as resources allow.


Our Story
We started rescuing hens in May 2015 after finding four Rhode Island Reds on Craigslist in Eugene, OR. This group was in very poor condition and we sadly lost two that fall. This summer, after suffering through several vet visits and more loss of the flock, we decided to take the leap and establish our non-profit. With only one original hen remaining, she became the inspiration for the name of our sanctuary, combined with this couple’s lofty goals. Dream big or go home — the sky’s the limit!

shannon hill

Meet Shannon
Shannon grew up loving animals.  As a teenager, she dreamed of having a big farm to bring home all the strays that she encountered.  She once brought home a momma cat and her three kittens from Mississippi while on a Habitat for Humanity trip and found homes for them.  In spite of others telling her that she ‘can’t save them all,’ she will always try; because it means the world to ones she does.  Launching this animal sanctuary will make her life-long dream a reality.Shannon went vegan for health reasons in January of 2014, but soon made the ethical connection after realizing she was a hypocrite for loving animals while also eating them.  Veganism will always be the foundation of Sky’s the Limit.

ryan hill

Meet Ryan
Ryan has always had a compassionate heart, but lost the connection between animals and food a long time ago.  After Shannon started her journey, he believed that eggs were necessary for optimal health.  His defenses were strong at first.  One day, all the seeds Shannon planted subconsciously “clicked” while preparing a meal and that is when he realized that the seeds of veganism were starting to sprout!  He had doubts about starting a microsanctuary due to time, money, and space, but soon realized that it was worth the effort to save the animals from a gruesome fate.  As the flock of four slowly grew into 14, he knew there was no turning back!  Although Shannon is the primary caregiver to the flock, he is always there to support when times are toughest.

Sky’s The Limit is the recipient of a Microsanctuary Movement Hen Reproductive Healthcare Fund grant!