The Chi Crew – New York, NY

The Chi Crew – New York, NY

January 25, 2018


Rocky Schwartz lives with her animal family, lovingly referred to as “The Chi Crew,” as well as her human partner, Jay, in Brooklyn, New York.

Her microsanctuary is currently home to:
*One Oscar fish, Samantha, who was rescued from a neglectful home
*Three chihuahuas—Bambi, Ginger, and Biscuit—who were all neglected and then abandoned in public places, despite being fancy little dogs
*Four hens, including religious sacrifice survivors Rose and Phoenix and egg exploitation survivors Prospect and Coretta
*And an ever-revolving crew of rescued birds of several species, who stay as short-term fosters before going to their forever homes.”


Rocky says, “I began working at large farm sanctuaries since 2012. I deeply believe in the power of sanctuaries to save lives, re-envision how we care for commonly-exploited species, inspire visitors, and transform caregivers into better advocates and activists. Yet, I never felt large-scale operations were the only way to accomplish this. I’ve also been concerned that meeting dozens or hundreds of rescued animals at once has drawbacks, as research shows people respond more to one identifiable individual’s plight than that of dozens or thousands. Believing in the microsanctuary model, in 2014 I liberated two chickens from a small, local, “humane” farm and provided them a new home in my college dorm room. So it began. And I believe that if I could do it there—with just a few bumps along the way—anyone with a will to learn, to caregive, and to spend a load of money on vet bills can become a microsanctuary. I’m inspired by TMM’s dedication to helping expand this model, recognizing the value of individuals, and advocating for the best possible medical care.”

Rocky joined The Microsanctuary Movement’s Board of Directors in January 2018.