The Chicken Rescue – Houston, TX

The Chicken Rescue – Houston, TX

June 16, 2017

20170518_111301The Chicken Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue located near Houston, Texas founded in January 2016 with the goal of rescuing hens and roosters, providing rehabilitation care and finding forever homes for chickens that are neglected, abused or discarded.

The Chicken Rescue seeks to save precious beings from dire situations. From physically catching roosters dumped by uncaring humans, taking in owner surrenders who need medical attention due to injury or neglect, and rehoming through the support of our amazing vegan network. At The Chicken Rescue, we do whatever it takes to get chickens into a safe and healthy environment.

Rehabilitation doesn’t mean just physical, it also means emotional. We receive chickens that have been neglected and do not know how to act around humans. We take the time to get to know them as the individuals they are and work to help them understand that we are here to help. When we receive a chicken with a physical malady the first step is to have them examined by an avian veterinarian. From there we provide the recommended home care they need.

Occasionally we have chickens that are healthy enough to be placed into private vegan homes. We have an extensive application and approval process and only adopt out to individuals who will treat them as a loved family member.

Many of the chickens who live at The Chicken Rescue are permanent residents who will live out their natural lives here. We strive to provide a safe and loving home with a variety of environmental enrichment to keep their mind and body healthy and active. Here at the rescue this includes safe, elevated areas for them to climb on, hanging treat balls, fresh fruits and vegetables to peck at, proper dust bathing areas and supervised free range time.

The Chicken Rescue is a recipient of a Hen Reproductive Healthcare grant!