The Farmhouse Sanctuary – Northeast PA

The Farmhouse Sanctuary – Northeast PA

September 12, 2016


The Farmhouse Sanctuary is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was recently founded in 2016 by Maura Cummings and her husband, Lee Herman. Like for so many others that are committed to veganism, starting an animal sanctuary was a dream for this couple. Little did they know that the dream would soon become a reality in 2015 after purchasing their home, a 100-year-old farmhouse complete with 2 acres, an old barn, and a large spring fed pond. They found the perfect peaceful country setting where they were to create a vegan oasis and to one day give care and shelter to beings in need.


The Farmhouse officially became a place of refuge in March of 2016, after taking in 5 Indian Runner ducklings that were originally surrendered to a nearby animal sanctuary in New Jersey. Since then, the sanctuary has also become home to three Pekin ducks, two Khaki ducklings, three hens, a rooster and a turtle named Sunny!

This is just the beginning of The Farmhouse Sanctuary’s story. Maura and Lee hope to rescue more small farmed animals in the near future. There is no greater joy for this couple other than creating a place where all creatures know compassion and love. Through their efforts at The Farmhouse Sanctuary, Maura and Lee hope to inspire others towards living a more compassionate and conscientious life. A life that promotes peace and wellness for all!

The Farmhouse Sanctuary is the recipient of a Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grant to help with barn repair and other improvements!