The Mni Wiconi Microsanctuary – Boulder, CO

The Mni Wiconi Microsanctuary – Boulder, CO

December 27, 2017

From Alaina Sigler

The Mni Wiconi Microsanctuary, as part of the Colorado Microsanctary Network, is located in Boulder, Colorado with other rescued nonhuman individuals including three rats named Angela Davis, Ramona Africa, and Claudette Colvin, as well as a dog named Meeka. The microsanctuary houses 11 individuals including 9 fishes and 2 snails. In a separate tank, there are 20 snails that were also rescued recently.

Before I became an Animal Liberation activist, I saw that nonhuman animals were posted on Craigslist “for sale” or marked as “for free.” Recently, we started exploring the idea of starting microsanctuaries for fishes and snails and thus started actively perusing Craigslist.

In December 2017, we rescued 11 fishes and snails from a family who said that they could no longer care for them. The next day, we upgraded their home from a 20 gallon to a 55 gallon tank. They were found in a tank with large amounts of excrement on the bottom and later on that night when we arrived home, we found one goldfish who was dead.

Numerous fishes are purchased from stores that sell supplies for nonhuman individuals (think Petco and Petsmart), where they are bred in order to sell their bodies for arbitrary reasons. Browsing through these stores, you see fishes labeled as “décor” or “ornaments,” however, fishes and snails often times will end up on social media or other sites where the sale of their bodies continues and they are labeled as “needs a good home” or “moving and can’t them with me.”

The Colorado Microsanctuary Network extends their rescuing mission to fishes and snails as an addition to their current efforts as part of an on-going determination to liberate nonhuman individuals from places of violence. Our goal is to continue expanding the network to provide homes for fishes and snails within the Greater Denver and Boulder area and reach dozens of homes in 2018.

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