Xanadu All-Beings Sanctuary – Colorado Springs, CO

Xanadu All-Beings Sanctuary – Colorado Springs, CO

October 25, 2017

Founded in September 2017, Xanadu All-Beings Sanctuary (X.A.B.S.) is committed to caring for victims of oppression and exploitation. They aim to amplify voices which often go unheard by sharing their ongoing stories, providing a compassionate example of what is possible when we stop commodifying other beings and start recognizing their individuality.


Nestled at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain, just south of Colorado Springs, the sanctuary serves as a reminder that even with limited space it is possible to provide a loving home for those in need. As of October 2017, the growing sanctuary is currently home to one house rooster (Glee), a pair of tiny Bantams (Walter Bocker and Fiona), five standard-sized hens (Agatha, Bonnie, Clarice, Dottie, and Eleanor), two pigeons (Aquila and Cygnus), two dogs (Buddy and Judy), and two humans.

Jade and Kile Norby have been dreaming of becoming caretakers for some years. The journey began unexpectedly, when with the sudden loss of a beloved canine companion they began to realize the immeasurable value found in every moment spent serving others, no matter how fleeting the opportunity. The couple has plans to expand in the near future, both by welcoming more residents to their current home and by acquiring a larger piece of land, enabling them to care for a greater variety of species. They will host events for educational outreach as well as offering a retreat for travelers in search of a peaceful, vegan atmosphere to practice meditation.

Xanadu All-Beings Sanctuary is the recipient of a Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grant!